“Self-care is not about self-indulgence, it is about self-preservation.” ~ Audre Lorde


I believe that when we take time to better take care of ourselves, we take better care of the important people in our lives. Life is busy and life is fast but pausing to focus on ourselves can lead to feeling more balanced, peaceful and fulfilled. However it’s much easier said than done. That’s why Solera Self-Care offers workshops and retreats to support you in your pursuit for self-care and self-renewal.


As we welcome a new year...a new decade (!)...we're once again given the opportunity to reflect on our accomplishments and perhaps those few things that we intended to do this year but haven't quite gotten to yet. That's alright! That's what a fresh, new year is for! What do you want to do more of in 2020? I hope part of your plans includes more self-care. We can all use some more time, ideas and support towards a healthier and happier self. That's what Solera Self-Care is here to do. 

There are so many aspects of self-care and you cannot go about it wrong. There are a million small and significant ways to practice self-care, and the best ways are always the ones that honor your true self. To help you figure out what works for you, Solera is offering Personal Renewal Workshops in 2020 for private groups upon request. These two-hour mini retreats are for people at all stages of life and run on the power of small-group participation because while the self-care journey can be done solo, coming together with a group who are all on the same quest is powerful and transformative. Topics include the power of self-care, managing your energy, saying “no” and asking for help.​ Request a workshop for your school, church, work or friends today!



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