What is a PRG? 

A Personal Renewal Group (PRG) is a circle of women sharing in a collective exploration of how to reclaim, rebalance and reconnect in our lives as mothers, spouses, friends. We have discussions, journaling exercises, inner reflections, and much laughter and connection. Together we will explore:

  • The transformative power of self-care

  • Strategies and insights for balanced living

  • Managing your energy, saying “no” and asking for help

  • Reclaiming adventure and unleashing your creativity

  • Stay connected in your relationships

The PRGs are designed to be a year-long journey but have been divided into two sessions (six months each) to make it a more manageable commitment. 

Who can attend? 

The PRG is for any woman who is ready to explore her life, make some positive changes and engage in self-growth. While most participants are mothers of kids anywhere between the newborn stage and college, all women are welcome! We all face similar challenges in our lives of finding time to take care of ourselves, finding balance and a sense of inner peace. Together we can ALL share and benefit from the unique power of this women’s group. 

I'm not a mom. Or I'm an empty-nester. Will the PRG still apply to me? 

While the title of the book used in class may be geared toward mothers, the content applies to mothers and non-mothers alike. You do not need to be a mom to apply the tools and gain value from the PRG. Women at all life stages, experiences and backgrounds can benefit from the power and community that is fostered within a women's circle.

What happens at a PRG meeting? 
With a strong basis/focus on self-care, life balance and supporting members in “reconnection with self,” PRG meetings are designed to allow women the opportunity to explore and nurture their “inner life.” This is accomplished through a relaxed but structured format which includes individual check-ins, independent guided journaling and reflection, one-on-one dialogue, small group sharing and group insight sharing. Participants say they love the format of PRGs as the meetings provide a wonderful balance of sharing/reflection and encouragement to take action to create the life you want. One of the reasons the groups are so popular is PRGs provide mothers with the opportunity to take meaningful, heartfelt conversations deeper than their normal day-to-day schedules allow.


Is the PRG basically like a support group? 

While the structure and intention are very similar, PRGs are different from typical support groups in that the focus is very forward thinking: what do you want your life to look like 90 days from now? And, participants are usually (gently) challenged to think about and/or take action around the monthly themes. The environment of PRGs is designed to be nurturing, supportive and empowering.  

Why be in  a group; why not just read the book and do the exercises on my own?
Motherhood can be an isolating experience. This is why The Mother’s Guide is designed for women to use in a small group setting. While you can gain tremendous value from working on the themes and exercises on your own or even with a friend, being with a group and sharing from your heart, listening to others and having your feelings validated is a powerful experience. This process is what facilitates a change in how you act and feel on a daily basis. 

If I already have a group of women interested, can we create a private PRG amongst us? 

If you have a group of at least four women (some ideas include friends from your neighborhood, church, school, work) I'd be happy facilitate that group for you. Facilitation and pricing would be similar to how it is structured for the public PRG meetings. Reach out to me via the Contact page to coordinate. 

Are meetings mandatory? What if I miss a class?

Due to the intimate nature of the group, attendance at meetings is strongly encouraged. Of course, schedule conflicts may occur, but try not to miss more than 1 or 2 meetings if at all possible. Attendance at the meetings helps build the group community and strengthen relationships, and will help you get the most from the program. If you do miss a class, I am happy to spend 15 minutes on the phone with you within one week after the missed class to check in and provide you an overview of what was discussed in class.


What is your cancellation policy? 

You can receive a full refund for the course up until 5 days before the first class. After a course is closed to registrations, no refunds are provided. In the event a PRG needs to be cancelled, a full refund will be provided to all registered participants. 

If I miss too many meetings, can I get a refund? 

Unfortunately, no refunds are available after the course is closed to registrations and after it begins. Your payment secures your spot that cannot be filled once the group has started.

Can I bring my kids to the meetings? 

This is a special time for you! Making the investment in yourself and giving yourself the opportunity to be out on your own will be very rewarding. As hard as it may be to leave your little ones at home, this is the time for you. Put all the meeting dates on your calendar now so you can make childcare arrangements in advance. You deserve it!

What is The Mother's Guide to Self-Renewal, and who is Renée Trudeau? 

Published by Balanced Living Press (May 2007), The Mother's Guide to Self-Renewal: How to Reclaim, Rejuvenate and Re-Balance Your Life has received rave reviews, endorsements and support from life coaches, parent educators, teachers, therapists, ob-gyns, pediatricians and womens' empowerment experts throughout the U.S. and Canada. Women from around the world are using the Guide as a jumping-off point to begin their personal journey to a life of balance, joy, meaning and connection. Renée Trudeau, an Austin-based, nationally-recognized career and life/balance coach, is the author of the Guide, and the founder of the Personal Renewal Groups for Mothers. She lives in south Austin with her son, Jonah, and husband, John, and is president of Renée Trudeau & Associates and Career Strategists. She is a powerful coach and mentor.

I have a different question, or I need to talk through whether the PRG is right for me. How do I get in touch?

Please connect with me! I understand that signing up for a PRG is an investment, and I'd be happy to answer any question you have and/or talk through what you can expect at the meetings. Feel free to drop me a note through the Contact page or call/text me at 612.306.4026.