This session is a continuation of PRG Session 1 which covers the first six chapters in the book. Session 2 covers the last six chapters. Like Session 1, this full six-month program includes six workshops and email support between meetings. While not a requirement, it is strong encouraged to participate in Session 1 before enrolling in Session 2.

Month 7: Unleashing Your Creativity 
“A great way to nurture or reconnect with who you are is to re-engage in a creative activity you haven’t tried in a while (or start something new). Nothing makes us feel more vibrant than tapping into the creative flow.” Reflect on what activities made you feel most open to life, most passionate, and figure out how to make time for them again.  

Month 8: Outrageous Living - Reclaiming Adventure in Your Life
“Experiencing and embracing our adventurous selves – whether that means skydiving or trying a Vietnamese restaurant – is a marvelous way to reconnect with and nurture our essence.” It can be healthy and invigorating to push ourselves a little outside our comfort zone. What can that be for you? 

Month 9: Changing Relationships - Staying Connected
“A marriage is a living, breathing organism. It needs time, space, love and attention to stay intact.”  We'll discuss ideas on how to help foster and nurture the connection between you and your partner. 

Month 10: Motherhood as a Spiritual Journey
“Regardless of your personal beliefs, spiritual self-care is essential to your overall well-being. It’s about feeling centered, nurturing your essence, enhancing inner strength, living in integrity, trusting, experiencing a connection to a higher power, feeling a sense of purpose and finding meaning in your life.” We'll explore the spiritual gifts that motherhood and other life changing events bring to us. 

Month 11: Reclaim Your Life - Strategies for Balance
"I have found it helpful to look at approaching and defining balance as having enough time, energy and resources for those things in life that are most important to you.” Assess how balanced you are in your life and learn strategies for balanced living. 

Month 12: Being Present and Remembering What Really Matters 
“How often do we pause to be present and really enjoy the beauty of a moment or place? Will we be present enough to recognize these gifts when they're extended to us?" Pull yourself out of the daily demands and challenges of life to just be, not always do

The quotes above are brief excerpts from The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal: How to Reclaim, Rejuvenate and Re-Balance Your Life.


Request-only basis (after PRG Session 1 completed)

I currently have space to facilitate two new groups and would love to engage with your group to bring transformational change and life balance to each individual. You bring a group of 4 or more people together, and I'll take care of the rest including finding a location if needed. You need to commit to six days, preferably monthly, but a different time cadence works fine too (e.g., every 2 weeks or every 2 months). Please click on the links below for details on the PRG series. I'm always open to chat and answer questions too! 

Price: $197 for the full six-month program (includes 6 workshops and email support between meetings).


Because Solera is based in the Twin Cities, current course offerings are in St. Paul, Minneapolis and the surrounding suburbs.